1. Sweden: Exploring Stockholm

Finding the right time to write for fun has been my struggle for the past few months. Every time I visited a new city, I really didn’t have the time to sit down and write a little bit about my experience there. So now that I finally settle down back home, I found some extra time that I can use to continue writing about my adventures this past year. Having said that, in a series of posts I will share my experience in Sweden, Greece, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Scotland, and Norway.

Since I visited Stockholm two weeks ago, today’s post will be all about the beauty the Venice of the Nordic countries offers to world travelers. I was fortunate to visit this city twice this past year, which is probably the reason why I fell in love with Stockholm. Thankfully, the weather was perfect during the summer days, yet I have no idea how cold the winter is over there. If you are more inclined to explore cities, then I would recommend visiting Stockholm during the summer. However, if you wanna see the Northern Lights, the best months to get a sight of this natural phenomenon would be during the winter, so get some warm coats, head towards Stockholm, and then take a train to Abisko or Kiruna.

One of my favorite things of Stockholm is that you are able to explore the city by ferry. Apart from the tram and bus services, this city does offer public transportation in the water just like Venice.

IMG_6217 (2)

Depending on the amount of days that you are planning to stay in the city, you can get different transportation bundles that will allow you to explore all the islands in the city. Do prepare for lots of walking, because the best way to really get to immerse yourself in a city is to do it by foot. Now let me share some of the places I visited in both of my trips and some recommendations of things you can do there.

Let’s start with the famous old town known as Gamla Stan, which happens to be one of the most preserved medieval city centers in Europe and its home to the narrowest alley and prettiest orange buildings. In this part of the city, you can visit the Nobel museum, the royal palace, and Stortorget.


The Vasa Museum is a must see attraction while in Stockholm. The easiest way to get there is by tram, however, you can take a ferry from Slussen. I totally recommend the ferry, because you can easily walk all the way to the front of the ferry and enjoy a nice view of the city. Some people might be fascinating by the fact, this Vasa ship remains preserved after it sank in 1628 in the outside of Stockholm. The ship was recovered and it was later transformed into a museum. The history behind the reason why this ship sank its quite interesting, as some people suggested it was God’s will to protect the Polish people from the invasion of the Swedish during their war. However, I enjoyed the face to face exhibition, which told the stories of the people that sank during the Vasa catastrophe through the analysis of their remained skeletons (I did take pictures of the skeletons, but they are sort of creepy, so I will avoid sharing them).


Millesgarden is another attraction you need to visit. This place is famous for having sculptures of Carl Milles, yet the most important one is called God’s hand. The garden and museum are well preserved, plus you get a pretty nice view of the Baltic Sea from the gardens.


Stockholm also has rich options in museums, such as the one dedicated to the group Abba, the Nordic museum, and the Swedish history museum. In addition to lots of lakes within a walking distance.


You really need a few days to explore everything Stockholm has to offer to you and if you are a cheese lover just like me, prepare to eat some of the most delicious cheeses and dairy products in the world.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post. – Ingrid


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