An update from London

When you move to another city, it takes a few weeks to adjust and get used to your new life! It’s hard to believe that I’ve been in London for almost three weeks… time has gone by fast. I literally finished unpacking four days ago!!

Anyways, some things have happened after my latest blog update. I just haven’t had the chance to sit down and write a little bit about my life in London. The most exciting thing is that I started classes at LSE, so far is going pretty well. I knew grad school would be challenging, I just didn’t plan in advance how to organize my time aaand that explains my lack of communication with everyone (now is all under control).

I’m taking four classes from the local economic development program and I’m actually liking all of them. At first I thought one of those classes wouldn’t be that interesting and it turns out that is now my second favorite class. Y’all know I love to find the positive side of things, so last weekend I got this awful cold and up to this moment my voice still hasn’t come back… the good thing that came out of being stuck at home for three days was that I was able to catch up with the tons of readings I had for this week. As for the tons of readings I have for next week, I’m planing on dedicating some time to them until Sunday. Ingrid needs some time off to relax and to explore London.

This week I also attended an event with Rotary in Oxford. It was nice to get out of London for a day and go visit my lovely counselor in Gerrards Cross. She always takes great care of me and I will always be grateful for her support.

Here’s a picture of her with me. You should know a little bit about her, I admire her so much! I really hope I can be as active as her in the future. She loves to run marathons and has a collection of medals at her home. She has also been in some expeditions with her husband and I looove hearing all their stories! Every time I’m going to their home I just know I’m going to have a great time and a great history lesson. Also, she makes sure I try all the English food. In fact, I’m now a fan of crumpets… I’ll be buying them next time I go to the supermarket.

I feel like I can keep writing more, but I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much information. I promise I’ll be a more active blogger. Btw it’s 08/10/2016, so I’m allow to open the gift bag I received from my boyfriend yesterday… let me tell you his surprise was so perfect, I’ll be busy eating chocolates this weekend ❤️

If you made it to this last paragraph, I really wanna thank you for reading me. I’m sharing some pictures below from last week visit to Westminster and this week trip to Oxford.

Thanks for reading – Ingrid.

Buckingham Palace
The London Eye
The Big Ben
Back to London from Oxford.

One thought on “An update from London

  1. Ingrid: All of your friends and supporters in the U.S. are do very proud of you, and delighted that Rotary District 5790 and the Rotary Club of Grapevine have made it possible for you to study at LSE. This couldn’t have happened to a finer person.

    With every best wish for your continued success,

    James Duban
    Associate Dean for Research and National Scholarships
    University of North Texas


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