Life Reflection

Senior year in college might be stressful, but one of the things I was looking forward was to enjoy my last spring break. I am slowly transitioning into adulthood, but you know once in a while it is completely fine to escape the routine.

That is exactly what I did, I booked a flight and found myself traveling to California last week. Besides arriving late at the airport and running to my gate… (A whole different adventure) I can tell you my trip was so worth it. Nowadays round trips are cheap and if you are constantly looking for the best deal I ensure you that you will find it. Also, I keep track of my possible vacation routes with Trip Advisor. You can save your routes and they send you weekly emails with a set of prices for the following months.

What I have learned from those quick trips is that everyone needs to relax and meditate about life. When you are not following your daily routine, you tend to appreciate the activities you do more. Not only that, but meditating about your current choices helps you to evaluate if you are in track with the goals you set up at the beginning of the year. Personally, the best way to reflect about life is to travel.  When you are away from home you get to see your life from a different perspective and when you come back you have more energy than you did before.

For the next couple of days, I will be sharing with you two reviews of Disneyland and Disney California Adventure, so stay tuned.

Thanks for reading – Ingrid

Pictures taken at Signal Hill



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