5 Things to do in DFW

There is nothing better than feeling like a tourist in your own city! Sometimes, you are worried about booking flights or just going to a different city, but you forget you can also find cool activities at your own place. I really hope my list can help you to find something to do in the DFW area, if you find yourself travelling or just having a staycation.

1 – Visit the Reunion Tower

One of the best views you will get from Downtown Dallas for an affordable price. They usually have promotions, so try calling them before purchasing your tickets. Visit Reunion Tower for more info. Meanwhile, just take a look at this beautiful view.


2 – Dallas World Aquarium

They have five exhibits, my favorite one… Ugh it’s a tough one since I can decide between the Aquarium and South Africa. Prices ranges between $16 to $21 plus taxes, also you can find parking next to the aquarium. Saving tip: If you get there before 10:00 am, you pay only $5.00 for parking, also do not forget to display the ticket in your car.

3 – Trinity Forest Adventure Park

I haven’t been there yet, but it looks pretty exciting. I got tickets for mid-February, I am really excited to try this zip-line park and I will write my experience in a future blog post. Meanwhile, you can obtain more information at Trinity Forest Adventure Park‘s website.

4 – Must-visit: Las Colinas

For some reason, this beautiful Irving suburb area does not get a lot of attention as other places in Dallas, but I promise you, you would not regret visiting it! You can walk by the Mandalay canal, eat Italian and American food, take pictures with the Mustangs, or rent a gondola. Again, this place is never crowded which is kind of sad since it is so beautiful!


5 – Sundance Square

Downtown Fort Worth is definitely worth visiting. You can ride the trolley for free, you can go to the Water Gardens, you can have a meal in Sundance Square, or you can visit some of the free museums. They love tourist and the information center is always helpful, there is always something going on in this area. For more info visit: Sundance Square.


Water Gardens

I hope you enjoy reading my post and seeing my pictures. I will share with you more places in the DFW area in my next blog post.

Thanks for reading – Ingrid


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